The future of Health Facility Design

About Us



SKAr+ is the culmination of 20 years of planning and experience. We plan and design health facilities. Nothing else. We bring the best people together for each project, depending on the skills required. We are like Mercury. We have weight behind us, but we mold to the needs of our clients. We have no home, therefore, we can be anywhere, anytime. We have projects in every mainland state in Australia.


The first rule of SKAr+ is we listen. The second rule of SKAr+ is we listen.


We understand the business of health, and can provide architectural solutions that will not only support the services that they are accommodating, but will also deliver better return on investments.

We keep up to date with the latest health developments and research globally, and our clients have full access to this information. Our business is based on repeat clients. We strive to be the health architects of choice.


Work with us to design the future of health facilities, today.